About Us

Our extensive knowledge in the areas of environmental chemistry and quality assurance oversight works to ensure our clients are provided with technically-sound data that will meet regulatory requirements, support project objectives and withstand legal scrutiny. We have provided these services in support of natural resource damage assessments (NRDA), remedial investigations (RI), risk assessments (RA), environmental studies, allocation for liability, and mapping activities.

EcoChem has proven experience in the evaluation of data derived from performance based methods (HRMS, LC/MS/MS, GC/MS/MS, DRC-ICP/MS) and specialty analytical methods for emerging contaminants (e.g., perfluorinated compounds, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products), radionuclides, and metals speciation. In addition to water, air, and soil, we have experience with tissue and marine sediment matrices.


EcoChem understands that important and costly decisions are based upon environmental data. Our chemists assist with the interpretation of analytical results and management of environmental data to support client objectives. We perform audits of environmental laboratories and field sampling. EcoChem provides an independent review of analytical data and works with project laboratories to obtain complete and accurate data deliverables. We are dedicated to optimizing the reliability, usability, defensibility, and, accessibility of environmental data.


B.S., Chemistry

Prior to joining EcoChem in 1999, Ms. Ransom spent ten years working in a number of environmental laboratories as an analyst and supervisor specializing in inorganic chemistry. As a Senior Project Chemist, Christine now manages a variety of high-profile projects according to stringent program requirements for municipal, state, and federal agencies. She has extensive experience reviewing complex Quality Assurance Projects Plans and verifying that the data generated during the course of an environmental investigation conforms to the demands of the project. From data review, verification, and validation, to establishing data usability, Christine helps our clients ensure their projects are successful.


B.A., Chemistry

With a career that began by providing oversight within the USEPA Contract Laboratory Program more than twenty-five years ago, Ms. Frans has been responsible for quality assurance at environmental laboratories belonging to some of the largest networks in the country. After acquiring substantial experience auditing the performance of laboratories per state, federal, and international standards, Christina joined EcoChem in 2010 and has recently taken on additional quality assurance responsibilities. In addition to ensuring the quality of our own deliverables, her extensive knowledge of various quality control techniques and protocols allows her to assist our clients in selecting qualified laboratories.


M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering

Working in the government and consulting fields, Ms. Winter-Stoltzman has provided technical analysis and strategic support for natural resource damage assessment and remedial liability allocation on a variety of cases across the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest regions, including major oil spills and large, complex sediment sites with numerous potentially responsible parties. Ms. Winter-Stoltzman has experience in all phases of the natural resource damage assessment process, including initial site research and data inventory, identifying potentially responsible parties, conducting preassessment screens, quantifying natural resource injuries using habitat equivalency analysis, and negotiating settlement with responsible parties leading to successful resolution of liability. Ms. Winter-Stoltzman also works on study design and implementation for remedial design at sediment sites.


B.A., Chemistry

During the course of more than seven years of research and development related to specialized analytical methods for the determination of trace metals in complex matrices, Ms. Hernandez has presented her findings at a number of prestigious environmental conferences and been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Shortly after joining EcoChem in 2012, Michela leveraged her knowledge of environmental chemistry and began supporting the allocation process for natural resource damage liability due to chemical contamination at regional superfund sites. Thorough research, detailed documentation, and a transparent process allows Michela to facilitate settlements satisfactory to oversight agencies and potentially responsible parties alike.