Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) for Various Sites, IEc/USFWS/NOAA

EcoChem has provided NRDA case management QA/QC support services for several sites across the country. As part of the NRDA process, studies were undertaken to determine injury caused by contaminants of concern to a variety of aquatic and terrestrial species. EcoChem consulted with researchers to develop robust quality assurance practices and thorough documentation procedures.  This included the creation of study-specific workplans and standard operating procedures, facility and field sampling audits, and review of generated data, calculations, and logbooks.  EcoChem also performed QA/QC review of academic papers resulting from these studies, pathway evaluation reports, and injury assessment reports.  In our role as chemistry consultants, we have worked with data users to compile data from disparate sources into relational databases, verify the queries, macros, and spreadsheet calculations used, and interpret chemistry data.