Third-Party Data Management for Interlaboratory Comparison Studies for Total Mercury, Methylmercury, and Arsenic Speciation, Brooks Rand Instruments/Brooks Rand Labs, Seattle, WA

Since 2011, the annual Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Mercury and Methylmercury in Natural Waters has become the largest interlaboratory comparison study for total mercury and methylmercury in natural waters ever conducted. Beginning in 2013, the annual Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Arsenic Speciation in Foods has provided a reliable means for laboratories to evaluate their competency in the analysis of various arsenic species in highly complex matrices. At EcoChem, the data from each of the participating laboratories is compiled, reviewed for completeness and anomalies, and anonymized before submission to Brooks Rand. Only the participating laboratory receives notification of their unique identifying number, which ensures that the participants can submit data to the study with complete confidentiality.